Online Shopping System Features

Our Unique Selling Points

Grocers Online puts you on the webOur online shopping systems and websites can offer stores the following unique selling points for your customers:

  • Accessibility - Australians are time poor. Online shopping gives your customers a higher level of accessibility, stripping away the time restraints of store opening hours.
  • Personal Service - We recommend that only one or two members of staff deal with customers for all online queries. The purpose of this is to build strong customer relations and encourage loyalty and a good rapport where the customer is comfortable to communicate and clarify any questions.
  • Delivery Times/Costs - Keeping the cost of delivery or the time of delivery lower than other supermarkets is a great initial driver for marketing campaigns. It catches the customers' attention and gives them an incentive to try your site.
  • "Can't find a product box" - Our websites are designed as boutique sites and as such they offer customers a more personal experience than those of major supermarket chains. For example there is a box where the customers can type products or other communication to the store. This encourages the personal feel and suggests to the customer that you can fulfill any of their requirements.
  • So easy for you to manage - this service is fully supported making it so easy to present the products that you want to offer in the way you want to offer them

Site Features

Our sites come with the following standard pages:

  • Homepage - is updated weekly with advertisements of product specials, special events, community chest info etc.
  • Weekly Specials - is updated weekly highlighting 5-8 lines from the Product Catalogue (this page can be periodically customised to be "Christmas Specials" or "Easter Specials" in order to highlight seasonal products.
  • Online Ordering - customers are able to order from an extensive product range (pricing is automatically updated from reports exported from the store's computer system.
  • Recipes page - is updated periodically and contains a wide range of recipes sourced from various locations.
  • Contact Us - contains contact details for the store along with opening hours.

Stores are also able to customise certain features themselves at no additional cost:

  • New products page - this page not only allows stores to highlight new products, but it can also be a helpful tool in negotiating over-and-above deals with suppliers.
  • Catering page - Individual IGA stores have created custom pages to help them increase and advertise their office catering lines.

Customer Testimonials

Below is some feedback from customers who use our websites:

"This is the best online supermarket I have ever used, the delivery is so quick and the service is fantastic."

"I would never go back to using Woolies online and waiting around for deliveries, thanks IGA."

"I love your 'Can't find it box' it makes it so quick and easy for me to order."